RS-JRX Thru-Shaft Quarter Midget Shock

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RS-JRX Thru-Shaft Quarter Midget Shock


Our newest shocks for the quarter midget market has been in development for over three years. Thru-Shaft technology is commonly used in the upper levels of motorsports. There are many benefits to the design. The biggest being the removal of gas pressure increase with displacement. The reduction of parts has improved response time, consistency, and grip. The JRX's gas pressure is set at the factory to the specific build and sealed. Gas pressure checks and adjustments at the track are no longer necessary. Thousands of laps of testing were done with the JRX and the results were very impressive. 

  • Body: 6061-T6 Threaded Aluminum with Laser Engraved Ride Height Gauge. 
  • Shaft: Machined Steel, Hardened, Ground and CSI "Gold" Coated
  • Piston: CSI BD Twin Port
  • Eyelet:  Aluminum with Premium Spherical Bearing

$274.99 each

Please note: the T on the end of the Rebound number indicates a Tall Cone. If there is no T, a standard cone is included.

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