0-100 Ultimate Digital TPG/Pyrometer - Longacre Brand

52-53050-Probe (2).png
52-53050-Probe (2).png

0-100 Ultimate Digital TPG/Pyrometer - Longacre Brand


Displays actual tire pressures. Just take each tire pressure, like when using a traditional gauge but push the Store Memory button and all 4 pressures are available for display.
Reads pressures to 100 psi. Accurate throughout the range to 1/10 of a pound!
Ultra fast response. Takes tire temps as you normally would. Just insert the probe into the tire and when the temp stabilizes, push Store Memory. All 12 temps are stored on the display so you don't need to write them down as you go.
Displays what pressures would be at the standard temperature (80°F).
Corrects tire pressures back to a standard temperature
Displays what the pressure would be if the tire was actually at this pressure
0-100 psi by .1 psi
Accurate to .1%
Will also function as a traditional tire pressure gauge showing actual pressures - all 4 stored on display
Includes adjustable length probe

Part# 52-53050

California Proposition 65 Statement

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