Deluxe Dial Type Durometer - Longacre Brand


Deluxe Dial Type Durometer - Longacre Brand


Racing Tire Hardness Tester

Tire hardness has a huge affect on your car's performance. A tire too hard won't bite and a tire too soft may wear quickly or even ball up. Also tire hardness changes during its life cycle. To run your best you must keep track of all your tire's hardnesses. This easy-to-use tool will help you do just that - quickly, accurately & easily.

Reads from 0-100 points (Shore 'A' scale)
Straight edge on base to 'rock' durometer for more consistent results
Non-slip coating for better grip
Calibration test block included
Dial can be 'Zeroed'
Comes with silver carrying case and pouch
For the most consistent results rock the durometer from angled back past straight up to angled forward. The pointer will move up to the highest (true) reading, then back down. Record the highest reading reached.

Part# 52-50546

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