Pyrometer with Tablet - Longacre Brand

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Pyrometer with Tablet - Longacre Brand


Large High Resolution display shows all 12 temps at the same time
Shows Memory temps on the main screen. Scroll up and down to compare to current temps. Stores up to 99 Sets
Ultra fast response for quick temps - OR - use exclusive Anticipation Mode that uses a precision algorithm to predict the ultimate temperature. Makes taking all 12 temps even faster and more accurate.
Fast response tire probe with Adjustable tip length - Adjust the probe depth to your preference or type of tire - indicator light lets you know when the temp has recorded and you can move to the next location
Computes Averages for all your tire temps - LF, LR, RR, RF, Left side, Right side, Front and Rear
Alternate Bright Sunlight display - Just swipe to the right to view your temps on the high contrast bright sunlight display
Note taking right on the tablet, tied to the Memory slot - Type notes with on-screen keyboard or by voice
Named memory locations - Give your memory locations names for easier recall - title, date, track, etc. - Your choice, up to 15 characters
Save your current or all your stored temperatures to a file. The file includes all temps and any notes you have entered. Downloads to a comma-delimited file for easy editing in a spreadsheet.
Tablet operates while plugged into the charger
4 different car icons are available - Stock car, Modified, Open wheel & Kart Reads temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius - easily switchable from the setup screen
There's even a Bright Sunlight screen mode for easier viewing outdoors.

Part# 52-50650

California Proposition 65 Statement

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